Are you looking for an OBGYN in Charlotte NC?  Why you should listen to what I have to say at OBGYN Charlotte NC!

One of the most important appointments any woman in Charlotte, NC can make is with a physician that specializes in obstetrics and gynecology.  Having a strong interest in computers and search algorithms, it surprised me how difficult it was to find a recommendation from friends for the best OBGYN in this area, which is why I founded OBGYN Charlotte NC.  This is a site that will help you easily find a quality obstetrician gynecologist since it is based on the most popular search terms, OBGYN Charlotte NC.

During my research for the site, I realized the reason it is so difficult to find an available appointment at the majority of all physicians specializing in female medicine, and it has to do with a true shortage in the OBGYN field.  Since the malpractice insurance rates have skyrocketed over the past decade, a much smaller number of doctors have specialized in the obstetrics and gynecology field.  There are many veteran OBGYN physicians in Charlotte, North Carolina, and many other parts of the country that have chosen to no longer practice in the field.  Instead they have opted for a less costly field such as family medicine.

Obstetrics and gynecology are the specializations in female medicine and involve a plethora of subsets that make up the entire field.  Since there are very few sub-specializations to being an OBGYN, it leaves the obstetrician or gynecologist responsible for an enormous amount of possible diagnosis’, treatments and procedures.  Due to the amount of knowledge and skill required it has made it even more important to find the  best, most competent OBGYN you can.

Believe it or not, I did not even know what separate words made up the term OBGYN.  It wasn’t until I became pregnant and made an appointment specifically with an obstetrician before I put two and two together.  I later learned that while the majority of obstetricians are gynecologists, obstetrics is the surgical specialization dealing with pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care.

After going through my first pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal checkups I found it extremely important to have my OBGYN as close to my home in Charlotte, NC as possible.  Since I had a small complication towards the end of my pregnancy, my appointments were increased to three appointments each week, as a number of ultrasounds and blood tests were required to verify that my health, and the baby were within normal limits.  While this may have scared some, we had become quickly educated on high risk pregnancy due to my age.  This even included preconception counseling, infertility counseling, and the option of genetic testing.  Due to our religious beliefs we opted out of the genetic testing, and infertility did not become an issue in spite of the statistics for women my age.

One of my favorite moments when visiting our Charlotte, North Carolina OBGYN was the ultrasound appointments.  I remembered seeing my friends’ ultrasound photos that mainly showed static with the shape of a baby, but that was nearly a decade ago.  Since that point, most OBGYN’s in Charlotte, NC and other parts of the country offer 3D Sonograms, and 4D Sonograms.  The images that these high tech devices produce allow a pregnant mother to make out the actual face of the baby through computer technology.  These images made it a much easier task getting through my pregnancy and to delivery, as not every step along the way is an easy one.

During out preconception and infertility counseling my husband and I learned the facts and straight statistics about having a pregnancy later in life.  While many women have the fortune of getting pregnant in their early adulthood, they typically have to only worry about prenatal care.  While others, like myself, have to make decisions on possibly fertility treatments, amniocentesis, and genetic testing.  Having the right Charlotte, NC obstetrician made everything so much easier when trying to make an informed decision.

In the end, my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl, and we could not have asked for a smoother pregnancy or delivery.  We both feel very fortunate and hope that OBGYN Charlotte NC can help you achieve your own perfect pregnancy.

Like I previously mentioned, I was not fully aware of everything an OBGYN was responsible for.  Now that I fully understand the role an obstetrician plays in female medicine, it became even more important that I take care of my health now that I was a parent.  Luckily for me, my amazing Charlotte North Carolina obstetrician was one of the most renowned gynecologists in the area.  Unfortunately, he has since retired which initiated my search for a new one in the area.  Whether you live in Charlotte, South Park, Huntersville, or Gastonia, it is vital to find a skilled, knowledgeable and trusted gynecologist.

While many of the responsibilities of  obstetrics and gynecology overlap, the responsibility of a gynecologist specifically deals with the health of the female reproductive system, and literally means “the science of women.”  The title of an OBGYN might have expertise in each area, but they are practically dealing with two separate specialties.

The gynecology aspect of being an OBGYN typically involves pelvic examinations that help monitor general and reproductive health.  Yearly pap smears are recommended, and are considered the standard of care for health of the cervix.  Along these same lines, the health of the uterus is also monitored.  Unfortunately, when tests come back “positive”, it often means that cancer or pre-cancerous cells have been found.  Cellular dysplasia does not always mean that a woman has cancer, but the gynecologist or OBGYN will monitor it as deemed appropriate.

If cancer of the cervix or uterus is found, a hysterectomy is often recommended.  While the statistics of cancer of the uterus and hysterectomies are at a normal rate in Charlotte, NC, it does not make the condition any less serious.  While an OBGYN will most likely refer a cancer patient out to an oncologist for treatment, they will remain the overseeing physician and excellent resource for information about recovery.  The type of hysterectomy can involve removal of the ovaries, removal of the uterus, or both, and is based on the aggression and risk of cancer returning post surgery.  While the majority of women who receive a hysterectomy are post-menopausal, women who receive one during their reproductive years end up entering menopause immediately.  This is due to the loss of female hormones, and estrogen replacement therapy is typically prescribed immediately.

The reason I know so much about these procedures is because my mother and closest friend from Charlotte both had to go through similar procedures.  The great thing is that both of them survived and are living terrific lives, thanks in part to the great work of their OBGYN in Charlotte, NC.

Other procedures that most gynecologists are responsible for are mammograms, which are currently the best way to screen for breast cancer.  These are vital in the health of every female, as the risk and prevalence of breast cancer continues to affect even more lives than ever.

Mammograms are becoming more routine with a woman’s annual exam, as wellness, prevention, and reactive care is what an OBGYN is best at.  They are also experts at helping to treat sexual and reproduction problems.  On the same note, a qualified Charlotte OBYGYN can provide ultrasounds, and advise for responsible contraception practices.

While an OBGYN can be a wonderful resource for so many essential female health procedures, other optional ones are available as well.  An obstetrician and gynecologist are capable of providing some cosmetic procedures that many women need to feel more comfortable with their body.  It isn’t necessary to see another physician, such as a plastic surgeon, as an OBGYN is more than capable at providing some these services.

While insurance companies have chosen to punish physicians for practicing in female reproductive medicine, it is still possible to find an honest, trustworthy, and reliable OBGYN.   Charlotte, NC still remains at risk at not having enough qualified professionals to serve the number of women in the area, which should make finding a local OBGYN the top of your priority list.  I happened to be one of the lucky ones that had one of the best obstetricians and gynecologists you could find, but since his retirement it has left many of you searching.  It is my hope that OBGYN Charlotte NC can help you find what you need in regards to female health and wellness.

OBGYN Charlotte NC looks at women showing signs of menopause.

As a woman in Charlotte NC or anywhere else for that matter, one of the most important appointments you will make is with your physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology ( OB GYN). However, finding a quality obstetrician gynecologist is not always an easy task.

While I was doing my research for OBGYN Charlotte NC, I came to an important discovery: the reason it’s so hard to get an appointment with some physicians specializing in female medicine is because there appears to be a shortage of them. With skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates over the past decade, fewer new doctors have chosen to specialize in the obstetrics and gynecology field.

In addition, some of the veteran OBGYN physicians in  Charlotte NC area have chosen another specialty.  In my early fifties, I began to notice some symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, irritability, and night sweats, all brought about by the changing hormonal levels in my body. My family couldn’t stand to be around me for long periods of time, and my co-workers surely must have talked about me behind my back. I put up with it far longer than I should have. I thought it was just PMS, but I knew I needed help. I found an OBGYN in Charlotte NC who specialized in menopausal symptoms, and he was able to point out to me other symptoms associated with menopause. I was extremely fatigued and had some weight gain, along with occasional irregular heartbeats. I wasn’t sleeping well, and I was having difficulty concentrating. I didn’t realize all of these problems could be because of the changes in my hormone levels that my body was experiencing. Fortunately, my competent Charlotte NC OBGYN clinic had me feeling better in no time. They understood what I was going through, and they were able to treat me and get me back to being my old self in a very short time. I’m no longer cranky and irritable. My family and friends are happy that I sought help! The results were truly amazing.

Some women, including myself, may not realize that while the majority of obstetricians are gynecologists, obstetrics is the specialized field dealing with pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care. That’s why it’s so important to find an OBGYN in Charlotte NC that deals with the particular problems you may be having, whether it’s menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, mesothelioma, breast cancer, or any of the other problems associated with being a woman. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss anything that’s bothering you with your gynecologist, including pelvic pain or sex related issues. You may have some other condition causing those problems, and your gynecologist can help you get to the root of the problem.

This website, OBGYN Charlotte NC, contains pertinent information concerning many topics you will be interested in, such as mesothelioma (a form of cancer in the mesothelium that lines your lungs or abdomen or heart), breast cancer and the importance of check-ups for early detection, endocrinology, obstetrics, and some of the latest surgical procedures, including laparoscopy. Feel free to browse.

OBGYN Charlotte NC looks at the latest in ultrasound technology

Do you want a clear and more accurate picture of youth child while it is in the womb? For years, it has been hard to make out those fuzzy ultrasound pictures and accurately see what going on in there. This is no longer the case. There are now 3D ultrasound fetus pictures that can show you your child in amazing detail. Now when you go to have your ultrasound, you can experience your child in complete 3D with vivid pictures and well defined features.

When you look at your 3D ultrasound fetus pictures you will see the quality. The images are enhanced and extremely detailed. They can show you a lot more than the more traditional 2D ultrasounds that we have become accustomed to over the years. The pictures are so detailed that you can even see the facial features and expressions of your child. This can give you a general idea of how they will look when they are born, and make it even more special the first time you see your child face to face. Both parents can have their loves enriched by viewing these new 3D pictures and videos of their child in the womb.

OBGYN Charlotte NC Looks At Life After A Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure for removing the uterus. This treatment will be opted for pelvic relaxations, heavy uterine bleeding or development of fibroids in the uterus. The recovery takes a few months and involves psychological rather than physical obstacles.

The patient will need adequate rest, avoid exertion and go in for check up after six weeks to check for proper healing post the surgery. Normal diet has to be commenced after few weeks of the surgery. One should be conscious of the fitness level and then indulge in routine activities depending on the strain involved, and only after eight to ten weeks of surgery. Work at office can be resumed with reduced number of hours of work and exercising should not be strenuous. One can opt for walking as the best exercise after the surgery.

The female hormones like estrogen and progesterone reduce and cause alterations in the physical appearance. Whether the uterus removal is accompanied with the removal of ovaries or not, the first effect of hysterectomy is advancement of menopause. Hormonal imbalance occurs along with hair loss and weight gain. Sometimes, the individual experiences hot flashes and night sweating too. In order to deal with the hormonal imbalance, sometimes the women opt for hormone replacement therapy wherein tablets are ingested, or implants or skin patches are undertaken.

Psychologically, women fear the times post hysterectomy. The fears include loss of ability to have children, feeling of being unappealing or undesirable for sex and so on. But they should realize that the procedure is opted for only when the condition of the patient is grave.

OBGYN Charlotte NC provides this article on hysterectomy for informative purposes.  Article by Kum Martin.